Recitations of Quran: Mistakes or Miracles of Eloquence?



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The Quranic recitations are a well known fact that has always been accepted by Muslims since the first generation.

Through out the centuries, Muslims have always been reciting the Quran in the variant recitations (Qiraat). Books have been written and lectures have been made about them.

However, many Muslims have lost touch with this important Islamic field and have begun to assume that there is only one recitation.

Orientalists and enemies of Islam have used this to their advantage to sptrike doubt into the hearts of Muslims in regards to the preservation of the Quran.

Farid responds to one of these attacks by showing that these recitation are actually not mistakes, complement one another, add greatly to the eloquence of the Quran, and are therefore, a miracle from Allah the Almighty.

The following video’s may help you understand the topic of Qiraat & Ahruf further insha’Allah:

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